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You may elect to request one or more of the following services if your company has developed a Management System based upon the QMS or EMS ISO requirements and wishes to determine whether the requirements have been adequately addressed prior to commencing the Registration process.

Fees -$1,200 one (1) full day, plus expenses.

Management Systems Registration

TRA Certification Int'l
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An abbreviated Registration Assessment Audit, including a full document review and an abbreviated on-site audit is available for companies who wish to expose their employees to an overview of the audit process.  A complete written analysis, including needed Corrective Action, is provided.


Fees - $600 per half day, $1,200 per full day, plus expenses.

TRA Certification Int'l Is A 3rd Party "Management Systems" Registration Company since 1983

Fees - $600 per half day, $1,200 per full day, plus expenses.

This service is designed for those companies who wish to familiarize their personnel with the ISO requirements; the Registration process and the benefits of achieving ISO Registration.  


A written analysis of documentation is available for those companies who have prepared a documented Management System and wish assurance that their policies and procedures meet the applicable requirements of the elected ISO 9001 / 14001 Standard.

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