"Exceeding Customer Expectations through a Partnership with your Registrar."

TRACI auditors are certified as Lead Auditors or Auditors by Exemplar Global (formerly RAB/QSA) or the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) or other International recognized auditor certification bodies.  Our auditors and verification personnel are assigned based on their experience in your industry and classification.


About TRA Certification International:

STAREGISTER provides certification services for businesses in a variety of fields, including quality, environmental, health and safety, the food industry, security, energy, IT, etc.. STAREGISTER's management system certification program is designed to comply to ISO 17021 requirements for Accredited Management Systems Certification Bodies.

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Our mission is to provide ...

a service that exceeds customer expectations with uncompromising quality, impartiality, and assessment of management systems which add value for the client and their customers.  A cost effective assessment from TRACI improves quality, augments growth, and increases market share ... (more on our Mission Commitment)


TRA Certification Int'l (TRACI)  along with STAREGISTER  is committed to providing quality services.  We offer a partnership to our clients with affordable cost and measure the performance of our mission statement with objective evidence.

ISO Management Systems 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001, 29990 Standards

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