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What are the benefits of registration?

ISO 9001 and related registrations allow businesses to be recognized around the world for consistent quality. Achieving ISO 9001, for example, may result in increased sales, reduced cost, greater customer loyalty, etc. Reduced costs often come as a result of a reduction in mistakes and an improvement in product or service quality.

Companies attaining ISO 9001 and related Registration often experience the following benefits:

Ø Enhanced competitive position and ability to sell to companies requiring ISO 9001, or related standards.

Ø Increased positive image worldwide.

Ø Better teamwork through all employees working toward the same standard of performance.

Ø Reduced costs due to improved efficiency of material usage, labor, and overhead.

Ø Product/process improvement through the management of change.

Ø Reduction or elimination of audits by customers.

Ø Early detection/correction of errors.

Ø A documented system which can be used as a training tool for employees.

The certificate can also serve as a business reference between the organization and potential clients, especially when the supplier and client are new to each other, or far removed geographically, as in an export context.

ISO Management Systems 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001, 29990 Standards

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