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What is Management System?

management system is the framework of policiesprocesses and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives.[1]

For instance, an environmental management system enables organizations to improve their environmental performance through a process of continuous improvement. An oversimplification is "Plan, Do, Check, Act". A more complete system would include accountability (an assignment of personal responsibility) and a schedule for activities to be completed, as well as auditing tools to implement corrective actions in addition to scheduled activities, creating an upward spiral of continuous improvement.

Also as in the aforementioned management system, an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) enables an organization to control its occupational health and safety risks and to improve its performance by means of continuous improvement.

Examples of management system standards include:

Ø   ISO 9000: standards for quality management systems (QMS)

Ø   ISO 14000 standards for environmental management systems (EMS)

Ø   ILO-OSH: occupational safety & health management systems

Ø   ISO/IEC 20000: standards for service management systems (SMS)

Ø   ISO/IEC 27000information security management systems (ISMS)

Ø   ISO 22000: standards for food safety management systems (FSMS)

Ø   OHSAS 18001: standard for occupational health and safety management systems

ISO Management Systems 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001, 29990 Standards

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