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Certification Process

Our contract agreement establishes confidentiality, terms and conditions of services to be provided.

·        Pre-Assessment - An optional assessment of the organization systems by qualified auditors that identified areas needing further development or improvement.

·        Document Review – A detailed assessment of the effectiveness of the policies and procedures documents in preparation for the on-site assessment. Details of discrepancies found within the documented system are communicated to the client in writing for corrective action before proceeding with the on-site assessment.

·        The On-Site Assessment – takes place on your premises in two (2) stages and (if applicable) at remote site locations. Assessment observations and findings are reported verbally both during, and on completion of the assessment. A written report is made to the client within 30 days. The Lead Auditor’s recommendation is also made known to the client during the closing meeting.

·        Certificate Issuance – Upon completion of Assessment and a favorable review of the Registration, TRACI will issue a 3 year Certificate.

Surveillance Assessment – An annual or bi-annual evaluation of the continued effectiveness of the quality management system on the client’s premises, scheduled in advance.


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