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TRA Certification Int'l /STAREGISTER is a third party registrar. TRACI / STAREGISTER offers professional services to assist you in determining whether your Quality, Environmental, Energy or selected Management Systems meet the requirements of the appropriate ISO standard and whether the requirements have been effectively implemented.

All organizations shall have access to the services of TRACI / STAREGISTER. The assessment process is impartial and non-discriminatory and all decisions are based on objective evidence of conformity and independent review. TRACI / STAREGISTER reviews its operations and procedures to assure continuing impartiality and absence of conflict of interests.

To assist you in planning for registration or compliance visit the “contact us” section and fill out the information form to receive a free no-obligation quote or to transfer your current registration.

The company which makes a commitment to achieve registration to one of the ISO Standards will usually organize internally their policies and procedures manual based upon the selected standard. The company then plans and implements these policies and procedures based upon the selected standard.

Specifically, TRACI / STAREGISTER can help to clarify various issues during a pre-assessment for those person(s) who are charged with the responsibility of writing the policies and procedures.


ISO Management Systems 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001, 29990 Standards

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